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Default Can I make this a IIF Statement

Hi again everyone,

I'm stumped again.

I have two tables that my query is looking at.

1. tblProgramActByDay
And the other is:
2. tblProgramByProductByDay

I’m trying to tell the query to
A: Look in the Program ID Field
B: if the Program ID Field = 1667100
C: Go to the table tblProgramByProductByDay

---- In that table look for the criteria---

The Field Program ID must = 0
The Field Product ID must = 38648800
The Field Locale must = en_US
The Field Report_Date must = The Current Month

If it does

Total the amount in the Sales Field from the table tblProgramByProductByDay

If not

Take the total sales for the current month from the table tblProgramActByDay