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Default inconsistent data

I'm having a problem with a module giving inconsistent data. It reads from the same sources every time I run it, but the data is not always the same.
I have a couple of queries that run back to back inside the module. I think that one might be starting before the other finishes. There's also a loop that acts kind of strange(I think).
'Loop back through records to assign a sort order
Set rstflip = mydb.OpenRecordset("tbl_os_seq", DB_OPEN_TABLE)
While Not rstflip.EOF
    row_cnt = row_cnt + 1
    rstflip![SORT KEY] = row_cnt
When I step through this code I notice that when the first row is assigned a sort key it is then sent to the bottom of the table. The second row is then assigned a sort key and sent to the bottom of the table(below the first sort key). This continues thoughout the whole loop, so the first key does end up back at the top. This seems kind of odd to me. Is it normal for it to work this way?

Any thoughts? suggestions?


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