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Default Database Driven Website w/ META tags

I am in the process of completing a web site for a friend that took it up as a project. The inital site was never completed because the original designer/developer didn't know boo about anything.

So now I am looking for a resource that explains how to add dynamic META tags to a Database Driven Website. The tags, stored in the database along with the content, need to be relevant to the page that is currently being viewed, not randomly generated.

This in theory will generate better Search results from Google, Yahoo, etc. The Keyword field will also be utilized to search the site, generating a results page that includes a linked page tile, its relevance, and the page description. Possibly even the creation/modify date and author.

I should also mention that I am using what I like to call "the three-file simple template method". That is a header file that contains the head section and the begining of the body section. A main file that contains the main content of the site. Last a footer file that contains the copyright information, and closes the body and html tags.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Dan Jallits
Best Regards,
Dan Jallits
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