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Default Subform Filter using Multiple Combo boxes

Hi All,

I'm a newbie in terms of Access and some of its functionality . I've been stuck on this problem for a couple days, even after searching the Web, etc.

Currently I have five combo boxes that are multiselects in my main form. I need to use these combo boxes to filter a subform within my main form.

My combo boxes are as follows:
1. A - 4 select options
2. B - 10 select options
3. C - 4 select options
4. D - 3 select options
5. E - 4 select options

My subform is a listing of all the possible combinations of these select options (therefore there are 4 x 10 x 4 x 3 x 4 records).

I am having trouble understanding how to link these unbound combo boxes to the subform to make the filter work once a user has selected their options from the 5 combo boxes.

[u]Case example</u>:
If I select option 1, 2, and 3 from combo box A, and options 2 from combo box B, C, D, and E; I would want the subform to filter based on this query:

(A_id = 1 OR A_id = 2 OR A_id = 3) AND
B_id = 2 AND
C_id = 2 AND
D_id = 2 AND
E_id = 2;
I hope this makes sense. Can anyone please help me out on this one. :D I'd be indebted to you! I really appreciate it :D

Any help on which functions or what code to put and where to put it would be great!


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