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Default Curious image map issue... can you help?


I have noticed a strange behaviour on my web page (I am testing with IE6 on a PC). Can you identify the cause?

As you move the mouse over the list or map, the cursor flickers with the mouse-hourglass cursor. When moving rapidly over the map, you can sometimes get the image to disappear (replaced with X-image box).

Now - if you click a region you will go to a "not found" page (no problem - I just haven't made it yet). NOW - click the back button to go back to the map page. Now you will see that the cursor flicker no longer occurs and the map no longer disappears. I want the behaviour of the map to be like that ALWAYS, even when you first come to the page.

So... what is going on here? Why the flicker? How can I get rid of the problem?

The source is available to view via the browser, of course. Please advise.


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