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Default PublishObject Publish method is failing


I am new to Excel VBA and I'm sure that this post will be addressed fairly quickly. Thanks in advance for your help.

I am trying to publish an Excel chart from an open workbook to a file, but an error is generated on this line:


The compiler complains about the "Publish" method. The error message is: "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment."

Here is the code:

Sub SaveChartWeb()
    ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add _
        SourceType:=xlSourceChart, _
        Filename:="D:\My Documents\QADevelopment\charts\test.htm", _
        Sheet:="Test Status", _
        Source:="Chart 1", _
        HtmlType:=xlHtmlChart, _
        DivID:="test", _

ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Publish (True)
End Sub

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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