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Default Download code challenges, omissions?

Beginning C# VS 2005 readers,

I like the book overall, but.. have found a bit of difficulty
running the pre-built executables, or building source examples in VS 2005 Team Ed for SW Devel.

Anyone have ideas or work-arounds for:

-- Windows.Forms.RaftingContainer ..apparently no longer in the namespace, perhaps was cut from VS 2005 C#? references to this cause build attempts to fail.

-- Void System.Windows.Forms.Application.EnableRTLMirrorin g() also appears to be missing in .NET Framework v2.x and newer VS 2005 C# environment.

-- Authors.. if a new generation of download sources might be made available that addresses these, that would be great (assuming I'm not forgetting something else simple)

  Any comments appreciated, thanks in advance


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