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Default Converting an HTML Form to ASP.Net Form

  I have a problem I have to integrate with a site running a java engine and to pass certain parameters to it. The third party supporting this enginer have given us an example of doing it in HTML forms and I have to convert it into a APSX page with code behind implementation. This HTML form has an action clause which redirects the control to the URL where the Java Application Engine is running by opening a new window and displaying the result. The parameters are a stored as a value attribute of one of the control. Can someone pls help me and provide me with the code to complete this task thanks. Following is the HTML code for the form

<BODY bgColor=#fdf5e6>
<FORM action= method=post>
    <TD>GDS Code: </TD>
    <TD><INPUT value=GLL name=GDSCode><BR></TD></TR>
    <TD>Message ID: </TD>
    <TD><INPUT value=" " name=MessageId><BR></TD></TR>
    <TD>Message Type: </TD>
    <TD><INPUT value=INPN name=MessageType><BR></TD></TR>
    <TD>Comments: </TD>
    <TD><INPUT value=" " name=MessageType><BR></TD></TR>
    <TD>Message Text: </TD>
    <TD><INPUT maxLength=3000
      name=MessageText> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR><INPUT type=submit value="Submit Request">
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>