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Default Urgently need help...

Hello, all!

I need to be able to populate a field in a form that will return an incremented number, and that will "re-start" at 1 on the next day. It is NOT my primary key (have an autonum field for that).

For example: Let's say today (10/17/03) I have logged in 25 entries. I would like a field in my form to show 1, then 2, then 3, etc. for each successive record entered on that date. Tomorrow (10/18/03) I would like the same field to show 1, then 2, then 3, etc. for each successive record recorded on that date (and so on...). The Form Field would be something like "Invoice number" (I'll rename to make it fit my situation). The important thing is that it increment automatically when starting a new record, and that it re-start on each successive day. I have a "Date In" field already in the table and form that automatically populates with the current date.

How do I implement this? Unfortunately, I have a superior who is adamant that we be able to do this...:(. I am relatively competent in Access, but have no experience whatsoever with VBA. Can someone please help??

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