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Default want sample code

I write the small foxpro prg the same thing iwant in access how should writ the code in click event below my foxpro prg
close all
set stat off
set talk off
set safe off
set cent on
set date brit
sele a
use intcal
store 0 to mob,madd,mrec,mcb
store date() to mdop
@ 10,10 say [Enter Amount of Advance : ] get madd pict '9,99,999'
@ 12,10 say [Enter Date of Payment : ] get mdop
@ 14,10 say [Enter Date of Recovery : ] get mdor
@ 16,10 say [Enter Rate of Recovery : ] get mrec pict '9,99,999'

do while mrec>0
   appe blank
   repl ob with mcb
   repl add with madd
   if mdor<=mdop
      if mcb+madd>mrec
         repl recovery with mrec
         repl recovery with mcb
   repl cb with ob+add-recovery
   repl date with mdop
close all
set stat on
set talk on
set safe on
Mohamed Mohiddin