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Default IIS and ASP.NET Development Server conflict

I am trying to use the first example taken from the book 'Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 with C#'.

Setup -

Laptop - Network Card plugged into Modem Router.
XP Professional
IIS installed
Visual Studio 2005
Norton Internet Security 2007

I have downloaded the sample for this book to the associated directory. I have gone through Appendix B to use IIS in preference to ASP.NET development server conflict. I have set up NETWORK SERVICE user group for APP_DATA and set permissions as indicated.


If I try to connect to http://localhost/localstart.asp it asks me for a username and password ? I'm pretty sure annonymous access is set for Default Web Site - any ideas

The http://localhost/WroxUnited website is also asking for a username and password.


I already have Visual Studio 2005 so didn't bother downloading the Visual Web Developer Express. I also have IIS installed