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Default How Can I Add Info From a Txt File Into a DB?

Hi there

Could anyone help me with the following problem:

A website I am working on has 2 different areas to it. One section is controlled by us (databases, webpages etc) and the other section is controlled by another company, the database of which we cannot access directly.

This company has agreed to write a generic script that will send out data in a text file, with each piece of info separated by a delimiter. We would then, somehow, need to put this data into a database so that this data could be accessed onscreen using recordsets etc.

e.g. If the text file was this:
Lucy|Robinson|Web Developer|Andy|Jones|Senior Developer|

Then we would want this information to be added automatically into a database that has already been created in SQL Server

            FirstName Surname Job Title
Record 1 Lucy Robinson Web Developer
Record 2 Andy Jones Senior Developer

Does anyone know whether this is possible, and if so, can anyone help me?

I really don't know where to start with this one!

Thanks in advance.

Lucy Robinson