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Default Don't know where to start.........

Description: Hello, I am interested in building a issues tracking lists DB-#2 using I am also interested in enhancing a currently built issues tracking list-#1 DB which is built w/ I have the Issues Tracking list DB #1 however I need to get access to I can't figure out exactly what I need to run Please advise. Also, the current Issues Tracking database-#1 needs editing however my developer lost his asp manual and did it months ago therefore he does not know anything! I do have access to the actual database but not the code or anything else needed. How should I handle? I am completely lost. ------------------------------------------------------ What operating systems does ASP.NET run on? ASP.NET runs on Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP Professional. Windows XP Home is also supported for development only using Visual Web Developer Express Edition tool (which is available for download) or Visual Studio 2005. Can I develop my ASP.NET pages in Notepad, or do I need to buy Visual Studio? Yes, you can use any text editor to create ASP.NET pages. However, you may find yourself more productive if you use a dedicated tool, such as Visual Web Developer Express Edition or Visual Studio.