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Default object required Request

hi guys i am having this error generated from this code

dim ReturnUrl

<p align=center>
<b>"An error has occured! Sorry for the inconvenience ..." </b>
    <a href="<%=ReturnUrl%>"> Return To Page </a>

Object required:Request
Now i know that i used the request object in a client-side script. The client does not have any notion of the ASP environment so
what i am truying to do cannot be done in this manner. All i want is to create an error page for my website..i mean when an error occurs it goes to this page error.html,shows the message An error has occured! Sorry for the inconvenience ..." and then offer the user a link to go back to were he was which can be handeled by request.servervariables("HTTP_REFERER").I got stuck on my method and cant find any other way.Ur Help is appreciated.10x