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Default Read CSV file - Save Columns into Rows

I want to import CSV file and convert columns into rows depending on Customer count(2nd record in each row of CSV file) and save to SQL table

--CSV file format
State, Customer_Count, Name_1, Total_1,Name_2, Total_2,Name_3, Total_3..can go upto 350

GA,2,'John Doe',14.00,'Roger Smith',15.00
FL,3,'John Doe',14.00,'Roger Smith',15.00,'Sally Cox',16.00
SC,5,'John Doe',14.00,'Roger Smith',15.00,'Sally Cox',16.00,'James Brown',17.00,'Rick Davis',18.00

Data in SQL table from csv file should look like this

GA,John Doe,14.00
GA,Roger Smith,15.00
FL,John Doe,14.00,
FL,Roger Smith,15.00
FL,Sally Cox,16.00

I have multiple CSV files with millions of records. How can i achieve this using Integration Services or Bulk Data Import.

Throw me anything:)