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Default Website project vs Web Application Project...

I recently upgraded to VS 2005's SP1 and besides fixing a lot of bugs it introduces this new web application project as another option for us ASP.NET folks. So I read this MSDN article about it but I find I am coming up short as far as knowing where exactly to use each still. Here is the MSDN article.

In the article there is a chart and where it says "Need to migrate large Visual Studio .NET 2003 applications" it has an "X" in the web application project column. That word "large" is pretty arbitrary. So my question is how large is "large" exactly? I hated how the project files work in VS2003 so why would I want to go back to that?

I also don't understand what they mean by "Need to build a Web application using multiple Web projects". Why would you do this? If you need to combine two website projects you can always just drag the needed files from one into another and integrate where necessary.

What are some concrete examples of "pre-build and post-build steps during compilation"?