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Default Problem with ch09 "Creating a filter" example.

On p, 273 there is a "Try It Out" exercise for creating an online filter. I have built everything correctly, and even used the downloaded code, but I can't get the application to display the "now" action when it isn't business hours. Plus, there isn't a "game" action, so I don't understand why step 11 tells you to navigate to http://localhost:3000/play/game. Nevertheless, it works and displays not.rhtml if the time is between 9:00am and 5:00pm as it should, but I changed my system clock to 7:00pm and navigated to http://localhost:3000/play/game and it told me that "no action responded to game". I tried restarting the WEBrick server a couple of times and even tried clearing my cache and cookies, but I think that the example is essentially flawed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.