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Default Table cells as links

Hi, i hope someone can help me in relation to this; ive scoured the web without much joy. Im no HTML expert but i expect that what i want to do requires either Java or XHTML...

Basically i'm creating a basic frameset-type website with a menu in the navigation frame with the contents of the pages in each menu displayed in the frame to the right of the nav frame.

Ok, i have that shell set up, but im struggling with the menu (in the nav frame). So i believe i should have have a table; 1 column, 6 rows (6 menus). I want those 6 cells to be links to their respective web pages in the frame to the right. But i also want the complete cell to be the link (not just the word) and i want the table cell to change colour when the mouse is over it.

Any ideas?

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