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Default Datagrid

hi friends

pls considerr the secnarion
i am using 2003 and

i have one dropdownlist
in which i am showing different products

different products has different sizes and different colors

when i choose product from dropdonlist
details of product shows in datagrid

i need to create matrix using datagrid in which rows will be depend upon color and sizes


color/size Small Medium Large
Blue 50 25 5
White 10 28 18
Green 15 10 5

50,25,5, 10 etc are qty of that products
like product in small size and blue color are in 50 qty

how can i change the matrix depend upon products color and size ?

second problem is

cells of qty must be editable
user should be able to edit any cell
and put qty of that color and size combination

and i want only one update button
by pressing this button

all the values of qty of color and size must be update