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Default saving data from a array

I want to save data from a array.

Database looks like this;
id  artikel    jan   feb   mars
1     101        0     0      0
2     103        0     0      0        
3     109        0     0      0
and my code looks like this;

          $artikel = mysql_query("SELECT artikel FROM interndeb") or die(mysql_error('hittar inga artiklar'));

          // HTML-tabellens formatering - tabellstart
          echo "<table border='1' bordercolor='#FFAA2A' bgcolor='#FFFFD4' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3'>";
          echo "<tr bgcolor='#C4E7C9' align=center><td>Artikel</td><td width='45'>JAN</td><td width='45'>FEB</td><td width='45'>MARS</td><td width='45'>APRIL</td><td width='45'>MAJ</td><td width='45'>JUNI</td><td width='45'>JULI</td><td width='45'>AUG</td><td width='45'>SEP</td><td width='45'>OKT</td><td width='45'>NOV</td><td width='45'>DEC</td><td width='50'>TOTALT</td></tr>";

          #---- Hämtar data och sparar den i interndeb-tabellen ----#
          while($row = mysql_fetch_array( $artikel ))
                 #---- kollar ifall det är dax för art. 130 ----#
                $trans = mysql_query("SELECT *,SUM(nettovikt) as vikt FROM trans where artikel='$row[artikel]' and status='2' and kund='101' and transtid between '2007-01-01 00:00:00' and '2007-01-31 23:59:59' group by artikel;") or die(mysql_error('hittar ingen vikt'));
                $vikt = mysql_fetch_array( $trans );
                echo "artikel:" .$row[artikel];
                echo "  vikt:" .$vikt[vikt] . "<br />";
                    echo "<td align=right>0</td></tr>";
                    $save = "UPDATE interndeb SET jan='0' WHERE artikel='$row[artikel]'";
                    mysql_query($save)or die(mysql_error());
                echo "<td align=right>" .$vikt[vikt] . "</td></tr>";
                $save = "UPDATE interndeb SET jan='$vikt[vikt]' WHERE artikel='$row[artikel]'";
                mysql_query($save)or die(mysql_error());

            echo "</table>";

the output looks like this, including the error message...

artikel:101 vikt:102
artikel:103 vikt:109.29
Data truncated for column 'jan' at row 2
As you can see the first artikel works fine, but when it comes to the second he wont save the data.

Can anyone help me in the right direction??