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Default Working With Word Template From ASP.NET and VB.NE

Hi Friends
Please help me out in this situation, :(

I have word Template documents in Server folder when user select file name(Template names). Here is the Functionality, In Web Page Form contains list box(contain Word Document Templates file name) and Button(Open), when user select File name from List box and then click open Button, with user define function is to open the which is user selected from list box it will load From server folder (Word Template) file, populating values from different Tables and writing the contents in to word document, it just like Bookmark in the Template document and values from Tables that should fetch from database table and place it required bookmarks in Template document then save it in DetailDocument.doc, page where the user can open or save the document in to their local machine. using ASP.NET and VB.NET 2003.

Need as soon as Possible
Thanks :)