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Default Parameters / Filters in a datatable

This is probably pretty basic but ... I have a datatable with the stakeholders for each of many projects in the database. I have a Query in MS ACcess (2003) that requires a parameter call @Project_ID. This needs to be selected according to an instance of a "Project" Class with the variable value "Project.Proj_ID" that shows the ID of the currently active project.

Now to populate a datatable ("Stakeholders") and from that a combobox that has only the stakeholders (Primary Key - Stakeholder_ID - the field I want to show is "JoinedName") from my active project I have tried passing a parameter to the Query ("usp_SelectStakeholder") but it keeps bombing. I thought one way of doing this is to select the entire stakeholders table and then filter it.

Any suggestions for code to approach this either way? Thanks mates