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Default ORA-0134

I've 2 databases suppose A and B both on different server. My application architect is like that my application will try to connect db A through cobol and do the operation, if db A is not available at any point of time then it connects to B and do the operation. Both the Db having the same memory configuration. But only during one operation DB A throws error "SQL-1034 Oracle Not Available possible cause The SGA requires more space than was allocated for it" when he is trying to fetch some blob data, but DB B is fetching that same data easily. What are the possibilties of error, is it related to memory, some buffer, some initialization of blob or some other .. I'll also like to bring this in your kind notice that cobol program is same to fetch the data and data in the DB is also same. If you want then i can post my init file of both the db. Please suggest