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Default div hiererchy

 <child name="1st"/>
 <child name="2nd"/>
 <child name="3rd"/>

i want to make a html from this xml..which will be like that..
<div><table><tr><td><img src="images/blank.png"><img src="images/I.png">1st</td></tr></table>
       <div><table><tr><td><img src="images/blank.png"><img src="images/I.png"><img src="images/I.png">2nd</td></tr></table>
        <div> <table><tr><td><img src="images/blank.png"><img src="images/I.png"><img src="images/I.png"><img src="images/I.png">3rd</td></tr></table>

means the in order as child of node will give as hiererchy div structure...and <img src="images/I.png"> this will be increase by one..can anybody pls tell me the xsl structure...

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