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Default response.redirect and frames issues

hi, have created an asp login page and have created a dynamic redirect. i wanted to redirect to the parent frame/window but this cant be done in asp.

i got given a piece of js but am unsure where to implement into my asp page.

the code is:

Dim sJavaScript
sJavaScript = "<script language=javascript>"
sJavaScript = sJavaScript & "parent.frames[n].location.href='page.asp';"
sJavaScript = sJavaScript & "</scr" & "ipt>"


im guessing that the first 5 lines goes at the top along with the other dims that i have but i dont know where the response.write goes.

i was told that the [n] is an integer value or the name of the frame.

would someone mind clarifying all this for me?

many thanks

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