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Default HELP:Join & Split Projects/soln

I am very new to ASP.Net programming.
I started developing an web application with my 3 other friends, as our college project. We are using VS.Net for that.

we planned to develop different parts ourselves and then merge the whole to a single project.
But I cant properly join and split two/more Visual Studio.Net Projects of ASP.Net.
Just copying files will not do that!
you know, each project includes lots of files, some created by programmer, some by the i.e. .aspx files, class file, css file & other associate files.

I can not split different part( the aspx and vb code pages actually) the project, which is also very necessary.

So how can i do it ?
I will be grateful if any one can tell me the proper way of Join/merge and split.

Aritra Mukherjee,
CS-4th Year,
Aritra Mukherjee,
CS-4th Year,