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Default send variable in function to another function

Hi people,
I have to make a assignment for school.
I have to make the same as on this website

only then in JavaScript ( cause the example website did it in flash )
So I have the folowing code:
function showPictures()
        for(var i = 0; i < album.length; i++)
            var mijnImg = document.createElement("img")
            mijnImg.setAttribute("src", album[i].url)
        mijnImg.setAttribute("onClick", "vergrootImg()");
   = '40px'
            mijnImg.setAttribute('border', 5);
   = 'white'
    document.getElementById("fotoalbum").appendChild(m ijnImg)

and the function:
        function vergrootImg()

My question is about the onClick thats defined in the showPictures() function.
It sais that when a picture is clicked it should change the width and height defined in the " vergrootImg() " function.

But it doesnt work.
I think the vergrootImg function doesnt know what " mijnImg " is
cause he variable is only local in the other function ?

so how do I sent this variable to the other function

thnx for reading my question,