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Default Crystal Reports & VS 2005


I have a simple .rpt file(with some data say...from Northwind) created with Crystal Reports XI in the Crystal Reports Designer and saved it as MyReport.rpt in my Desktop.

I then created a web application in (ASP.NET 2.0, C# & VS 2005) and added this report(MyReport.rpt) to this project through the Add-> Existing Item option.

I need to create an object of this report in another page, say in Default.aspx.cs page. But in the code behind page when I want to write like this...

MyReport report = new MyReport()

but the problem is that the Intellisense is not populated with the "MyReport" text. i.e my Intellisense doesnot recognise the Report that I have added.

Is this the way to add an existing Report to the Web project. Can someone guide me?

Thank you

Rajesh Medackel, India