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Default Output Parameters: I can't be this stupid...


Rather than go into a lengthy discussion about what I'm doing, I'll just preface this post with the fact that I'm calling a sproc that does nothing more than return a rowcount:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_GetPendingBuilds]
@Out int OUTPUT


Select @Out = count(BuildStatus)
From tbl_PendingBuilds
Where BuildStatus = 99


I'm using ADO.Net as the connector, have an SSIS variable called "PendingBuilds" (INT32) and I'm mapping that parameter as follows:

Variable Name: USER::PendingBuilds
Direction: OUTPUT
DataType: INT32
ParameterName: @Out
ParameterSize: -1

It seems that no matter what I do, the variable "PendingBuilds" never changes. It took me 2 days just to get the step to execute successfully. Now that it does... the Variable sits there... teasingly, at "0"

Other than a lobotomy, what else should I be looking at?
Thanks for any valuable input!

Ray Sotkiewicz
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