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Default Some Extensions

You might be amused to click the standard Archived Polls link on my site. I replaced the stock poll presentation page with a new more graphically oriented one. It took much more time than its worth but once I started I couldn't stop.

The polls and poll management modules are all stock. I wrote a couple more partially redundant PROCs and a whole new DAL module. I can write new code from scratch faster sometimes than I can understand what the hell Marco did. If anyone is interested I will share.

I goosed up the admin default page with a set of graphical panels. This works well with the stock admin logic because they ride on the role panels. I use much the same UI in the Contribute page but I think I should us a tabbed interface here. Maybe later...

These two extensions use 3rd party controls so not everyone will find them appropriate. The database driven Contact page and its admin section manager however just use standard MS controls.

BTW the poll results are real. Corelli also finished 1st in the Opera Fanatic poll a couple years ago. If you want to know why you could read my article (with videos).