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Default cyclic data reference in controller ?

Hi there,
I am doing some testing with a controller which extends the FormController. I have set up a validator to validate data submitted from an html form. I am using a view of the XSLTView type.

When I first hit the controller the form is rendered correctly using xslt.
When I submit valid data the successful view is rendered correctly using xslt.
However, when I submit invalid data I seem to get a cyclic domify reference because the application hangs and the cpu maxes out.

I haven't had a look at what domify is doing (I was hoping someone here had experienced this before) so I am assuming the cyclic reference is caused by the error/validation objects added to the model. Is this possible, and if so how do you fix it. I am aware of the excludedProperties which can be used to exclude objects from the DOM however excluding these objects would be pointless because you need to see them when rendering errors on the html page.

Any ideas ?

Thanks Tom.

ps, great book by the way