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Default .net remoting problem while hosting in public IIS

  I am struggling with .net remoting for two weeks.i need some one's help very badly please.Ill describe my problem.
  I am in developing a chat server in remoting.I devloped it with basic funtionalities.i hosted server as windows service and in IIS.both worked perfectly in my LAN.Now with that confidence i tried to host my server in a public server. Now my app is not working as am expected.

I will paste the code here am using in Application_start method in global.cs in hosted web application.

HttpChannel chnl;
SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider ServProv=new SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider();

ServProv.TypeFilterLevel=System.Runtime.Serializat ion.Formatters.TypeFilterLevel.Full;
SoapClientFormatterSinkProvider ClientProv=new SoapClientFormatterSinkProvider();

IDictionary props=new Hashtable();
props["typeFilterLevel"] = System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.TypeFilter Level.Full;
chnl=new HttpChannel(props,ClientProv,ServProv);

RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType (typeof(Remoting.Remotableobject),"Remotableobject .soap",WellKnownObjectMode.Singleton);

//Code in my windows app to connect to server

string server=@"";
IDictionary props=new Hashtable();
SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider serv=new SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider();
SoapClientFormatterSinkProvider cl=new SoapClientFormatterSinkProvider();
serv.TypeFilterLevel=System.Runtime.Serialization. Formatters.TypeFilterLevel.Full;
props["typeFilterLevel"] = TypeFilterLevel.Full;
chnl=new HttpChannel(props,cl,serv);

rem= (Remoting.Remotableobject) Activator.GetObject(typeof(Remoting.Remotableobjec t),server);

MessageBox.Show(rem.checkConnectivity());//returns ip address of server
rem.eventRxText+=new ReceieveText(callback.rem_eventRxText);
rem.eventGtUsers+=new getusers(callback.rem_eventGtUsers);
rem.TestEvent+=new Testdel(callback.rem_TestEvent);

If i run my client app ill get a connection time out exceptionwhen at this code statement

Now if i replace
string server=@"";
string server=@"";

I will get the ip address from
but at next statement, that is
rem.eventRxText+=new ReceieveText(callback.rem_eventRxText); i get exception
Type System.DelegateSerializationHolder and the types derived from it (such as System.DelegateSerializationHolder) are not permitted to be deserialized at this security level.

now again if comment the line props["port"]=1234; on server and run the client with the url
string server=@"";
ill get NO error on these four statements
rem.eventRxText+=new ReceieveText(callback.rem_eventRxText);
rem.eventGtUsers+=new getusers(callback.rem_eventGtUsers);
rem.TestEvent+=new Testdel(callback.rem_TestEvent);

but when i call a method in remote object, say
rem.login(username,pass) which contains firing of an event, that is like this

//this is in remoteobject
public bool login(string uname,string pwd)
return true;

An exception is thrown here on statement
that is:object reference not set to an instance of an object

The thing is that the same remoteobject without any change in code will work perfectly if i host my server in my local IIS with setting port number on server and using this url on client

but sometimes here also i get the error
object reference not set to an instance of an object while firnig event in remote object.

can anybody help me on this please??

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