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Default Upgrading project from earlier version of Spring?


I am trying to upgrade an existing project that was built using an earlier version of the Spring framework (package structure starts with com.interface21) to the latest distribution (1.0 M2).

I started by simply refactoring the imports from the old package structure to the new. However, there are a few concrete classes in the older version that seem to have been removed entirely from the new framework. For instance, com.interface21.jdbc.object.ManualExtractionSqlQue ry no longer exists in the jdbc.object package.

Is there documentation that I can view somewhere, that would tell me what classes have been removed, and also what classes can be used to replace them? I have read the SPRING FRAMEWORK CHANGELOG, but this does not tell me what I am looking for. I am also currently digging around within cvs on sourceforge ... hopefully I can find what I need there. If anyone has a better idea, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks very much.

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