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Default User Setup, Help needed!

Hello, I'm new to C#, I started changing my program from AutoIt to C# last night, and I almost have the major features done.

There is one big problem that I am having at the moment. I don't know how to have an XML/INI/Etc file as the config file.
In my AutoIt version, I use a config.ini file that saves all the information.

My program is basically a hub. The user chooses what programs and websites they want to have in the program. They do this through the setup window. When they click the save button, everything gets written to the ini file.
Also, because there is an option for 5 programs they have to write a name in, and when they click save, the name is shown in a label.

So basically everything is written and read from this ini file. eg. the buttons and labels.

Here is my program so you know what I mean: hxxp://

Is there a way to do this with C#. I have got the Setup window exactly the same, I just need to make it write to an XML or INI or whatever file and then have that information be read back so that the Launch buttons launch the programs selected, the names are shown next to each launch button, the website buttons launch the default browser and the written in website as well as display the sites name, and the Login button Launch world of warcraft and write in the username and password.

I hope that makes sense, If not just play around with my program above and you should get what I mean. Load in some programs and websites, click save and restart it. Go through the tabs on the main window and you will see how everything fits into place :)

Thanks alien13

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