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Default link problem with mod_rewrite

Does anybody work with mod_rewrites and could help me understand this, I am new to using these and I have spent alot of time trying to figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

This is my php being pulled from the DB
$strRet .= "[list]";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
$strRet .= "<li>";
$strRet .= "<a href=\"tableofcontents/{$row['chapterID']}\">{$row['chapterTitle']}</a>";
$strRet .= "</li>";
$strRet .= "</ul>";

I am using this RewriteRule
RewriteRule ^manual/chapters/tableofcontents/?([0-9]+)? manual/chapters/tableofcontents.php?chapter=$1

What I am not understanding is that when I come to the link the first time everything works correctly.
Now when I select the link above my page goes to everything on the page appears fine,
but now my links change too then everytime afterwards it keeps adding a tableofcontents/

My question is why would it keep adding that table of contents?

Thanks Mike
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