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Default how to store checkbox value in database

Hi ,
  I want to store value of checkbox which are checked in MySQL database how to do it?

this is in my jsp page.

<input type="checkbox" id="sun" name="sunday" value="Sunday" disabled="true" />Sunday
          <input type="checkbox" id="mon" name="monday" value="Monday" disabled="true" />Monday
          <input type="checkbox" id="tues" name="tuesday" value="Tuesday" disabled="true" />Tueaday
          <input type="checkbox" id="wed" name="wednesday" value="Wednesday" disabled="true" />Wednesday
          <input type="checkbox" id="thurs" name="thursday" value="Thursday" disabled="true" />Thursday
          <input type="checkbox" id="fri" name="friday" value="Friday" disabled="true"/>Friday
          <input type="checkbox" id="sat" name="saturday" value="Saturday" disabled="true" />Saturday<br><br>

please help me.
thanks in advance.

Monali Swarge