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Default Can't open infopath form - errors in definition!

 I'm trying to optn a form in Design mode but I'm getting an error -

"Cannot open the following form..
The form definition (.xsf) contains errors."

If I click on Show Details I get:

"The form definition (.xsf) file contains elements, attributes, or structures that are not valid.

Error details:
The keyref 'financialsRT_918' does not resolve to a key for the Identity Constraint '{}xmlToEdit_name_key'.

Line 2863, Position 5

The form I am trying to open is one I copied on to my laptop from my PC so I can't open it for edit as it tells me "This form cannot be opened because it requires the domain permission level and it currently has restricted permission... " I normally open it in design and save it down locally so then it's ok.

Any ideas how I can open it?

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