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Default auto tracker function &send personalised email

I need some help from all the kind souls and experts down there.

On my worksheet, there are 6 columns:-

Action_Item (eg Item1, item 2,item 3,item4,item5 ...etc),
Action_Item_status (with values= Open /Closed/NA),
Action_Item_Due_Date (jan-07,feb-07,mar-07,apr-07,may-07,jun-07,etc),
Classification_Of_Action_Item_Status (with values=Low/ Medium /High),
Action_Item_Party (Eg Anna,Beyonce,Claudia,Debby,Ellie ..etc),
Action_Party_email (Eg,,... etc)

I need to write a macro in excel that enables me to do the following:-
When i run the macro today(Ie today's date is 27/04/07), the vb scripts will need to check against all the records present in the worksheet and do the following:-

If Action_Item_Due_Date=jan-07,feb-07,mar-07 & Action_Item_status =Open,
i need to send out personalized email (including the information like
'Action_Item', 'Action_Item_status', ' Action_Item_Due_Date' to the respective Action_Party based on their Respective Action_Party_Email, to remind them that the Action_Item is still open(overdue) and requries Actions to be taken.

Moreover, if it is possible,i need another macro which will scan for the Action_Item_Due_Date in the next 3 months. (Eg in this case, the Action_Item_Due_Date=Apr-07,May-07,Jun-07). If Action_Item_status =Open,
it'll send out a warning email to their respective Action_Party based on the respective Action_Party_email. The warning email will serves as a reminder to inform the Action_Party to keep track of the Action_Items that will be overdue soon.

Just curious, if i don't include the Action_Party_email, is it possible for Microsoft Outlook to do a Lookup int he Global_Address_List based on 'Alias' in the addess book?

Thanks for the great help in advanced.