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Default Events with IIS hosted remoting

Hi there,

I want to program a remoting application, where the remotable object will be hosted in IIS. This should be a singleton object, because I need to exchange information between users.

Besides I will have a winForms application, which will activate that object and use it, as it were local. I have programmed such an application, but when I want to raise events, I am recieving deserialization errors.

The remotable class is inherited from MarshalByRefObject. I have defined a delegate outside the class. Besides I have written a class which is deriving from eventargs.

So I have defined an event in the remotable class.

I have analyzed many samples and articles about that problem, but I couldn't find a solution.

Can you help me with my problem? A sample program, which is working in this scenario would be best.

Thanks for help,