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Default failed to login with membershipprovider

Hi all,
I'm making a quite simpel website for the support in my company.
Not everyone should be able to do all the actions (ex: add customer...) so I want a role based security on my webpage.
I choosed to store credentials and roles in a SQL 2005 Enterprise Ed. DB through the command "asp_reg..."
DB was created successfully(name: membershipDB).
I've added rolemanager (with provider) and membership provider in de web.config.
I'm able to add users, roles... via Web Site Administration Tool.
But when I want to login with one of those users, I can't...
This is REALY frustrating!
I've tried the Membership.ValidateUser(username, password) and it returns false?!?... I've checked every character in my code three times and I do not understand. All help are welcome!