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Default Reading an INI file in C#

 I have this problem where i have put in data in a INI file using key value pairs....
  userName=Mr A

the problem that i am facing is that i want to use <number> as a key and assign a value ..could either be 8 or 9...from the C# code that i am using
...i have used [DllImport("kernel32")]
        private static extern long WritePrivateProfileString(string section, string key,string val,string filePath);

        private static extern int GetPrivateProfileString(string section,string key,string def, StringBuilder retVal,
            int size,string filePath);

in my C# code to access the data present.. i can access data using the regular key value pairs.. ie the userName by passing the key but simply cannot assign a value to the <number>...(which upto some extent i know must be used as a key) part of the URI.......
please could some body help me with this problem