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Default populate status values for tracking action items

    I need help for the following.How do i achieve this result using vb(i m developing macros using excel)?Thanks alot in advanced:)
I need to populate the results in a new column called 'Action_Status_Update'

For example, Today is 16/05/07 in the month of May.I need to set the value for 'Action_Status_Update' , when the Action_Status='Open' for the next 3 month to 'Due Soon', so that i can send reminder email to the users to remind them that the action item is to be due soon.

Below is the result that i need to achieve.Thanks

[u]Action_Due_Date</u> [u]Action_Status </u> [u]Action_Status_Update</u>
Jan-07 Open Over Due
Jan-07 Closed Done
Feb-07 Open Over Due
Feb-07 Closed Done
Mar-07 Open Over Due
Mar-07 Closed Done
Apr-07 Open Over Due
Apr-07 Closed Done
May-07 Open Due Soon
May-07 Closed Done
Jun-07 Open Due Soon
Jun-07 Closed Done
Jul-07 Open Due Soon
Jul-07 Closed Done
Aug-07 Open Not Due Yet
Aug-07 Closed Done
Sep-07 Open Not Due Yet
Sep-07 Closed Done
Oct-07 Open Not Due Yet
Oct-07 Closed Done
Nov-07 Open Not Due Yet
Nov-07 Closed Done
Dec-07 Open Not Due Yet
Dec-07 Closed Done

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