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Default read text file

HI Guyz,

               I'm a newbie in What i would like to do is read a text file , take certain values and post them back in a page.

For example let say a a.txt file which contains :

name :


age :




name :


age :


designation :




i would like to take only the values next to line with name and age only :::: name (jenna,senthil) age:(20,25)

and post them back in a new page.

i could read the whole file and post everything.:

<%@ Import Namespace="System.IO" %>

<SCRIPT Runat="Server">

Sub Read_File_Fields (Src As Object, Args As EventArgs)

  Dim FileReader As StreamReader
        FileReader = File.OpenText("C:\Documents and Settings\user1\My Documents\Works Senthil\Celcom Billing\17.Celcom - Billing\02.Celcom-Dell\TH.dat")

  Dim LineIn As String
  Dim FieldArray() As String
  Dim Field As String

  LineIn = FileReader.ReadLine()
  If Not LineIn = Nothing Then
            FieldArray = Split(LineIn, ",")

    '-- Display table header
    FileContents.Text &= "<table border=""1"">"
    FileContents.Text &= "<tr style=""background-color:#F0F0F0"">"
    For Each Field in FieldArray
      FileContents.Text &= "<th>" & Field & "</th>"
    FileContents.Text &= "</tr>"

    '-- Display table rows
    LineIn = FileReader.ReadLine()
    While LineIn <> Nothing
      FieldArray = Split(LineIn, ",")

      '-- Display a table row
      FileContents.Text &= "<tr>"
       For Each Field in FieldArray
       FileContents.Text &= "<td>" & Field & "</td>"
      FileContents.Text &= "</tr>"

      LineIn = FileReader.ReadLine()
    End While

    FileContents.Text &= "</table>"
  End If

End Sub


<form id="Form1" Runat="Server">

<b>Read Celcom Bills Fields: </b>
<asp:Button Text="Read File" OnClick="Read_File_Fields" Runat="Server"/>

<p><asp:Label id="FileContents" EnableViewState="False" Runat="Server"/></p>


How could i pick only a few values such as the name and age. The values for name is on the next line. Help me out if there is a way. I'm using vwd with sql express.the place i'm stuck is how to search for the line says (age/name) and find for the next line. i could noy picturize how the codes could look like. thank you for ya help.