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Default Adding Windows Media Player to ASPX page

Hi all,

I've got a web site that I want to be able to play .wmv movie files on. I want to embed a windows media player activex control on the page and when someone clicks a hyperlink/link button under the control it starts an associated movie.

I thought I could just add an <object> to the page and access it programatically from the code behind to set the player.URL property to kick off the movie but I'm getting an error on the page that the player doesn't exist - it's not seeing it because it's not a server control I asssume.

I also found directions to add the COM object of the windows media player to the toolbox by adding a reference to the project, but I don't see the player added to the toolbox so I can't addit to the page.

Can anyone give me direction on what is the best way to go about this?