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Default Throughput/Design Problem


I hope one of you have found a solution to the following problem before. . . Thanks in advance if you have.

I have to implement an interface defined in an external program - I must have a method Notify() in my object

toimplement that interface. When there's an update, the Notify() method is called by the external program. I can

then collect any updates with a method call that returns a System.Array consisting of an ID (given by me when

implementing the connection), and a value.

The problem is that the array that I collect updates from is of fixed size (subsequent updates are not added to

the end of the array like a queue. . ), so sometimes by the time I've collected the update, set a member variable

in another object to the value (m_Object.SomeValue) and returned to respond to any subsequent Notify() calls, the

updates have been overwritten and I've missed some updates. . . Not great. I've removed any calculations I was

doing in these Set() methods, but it still doesn't return in time. .

This is a sample of my set-up:

ManualResetEvent m_NotifyEvent;
Thread m_UpdateThread;
. . . .
m_NotifyEVent = new ManualResetEvent(false);
m_UpdateTHread = new THread(new ThreadStart(RTDUpdates));
... . .. .

private void RTDUpdates()

    System.Array arrValues = m_RTDServer.RefreshData();
    if(arrValues > 0)
        for (int i =0; i<arrValues.GetLength(1); i++)
            int[] index1 = {0,i};
            int TopicID = Convert.ToInt32(arrValues.GetValue(index1));
                int[] index2 = { 1, i };
                        int TopicValue = Convert.ToInt32(arrValues.GetValue(index2));
                        switch (TopicID)
                            case 0:
                                m_Object.SomeValue = TopicValue;
                            case 1:
                                m_Object.ANotherValue = TopicValue;
. . . .

public void UpdateNotify()


How can I concentrate on maintaining the proper state of the variables i'm setting by collecting the updates and

immediately putting them into some kind of FIFO list.

Best regards,


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