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Default Color printing

I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first copies of the second edition of Beginning CSS. So far, it looks like a huge improvement over the first edition. The color screenshots from different browsers are really nice.

Unfortunately, I have encountered one issue which detracts significantly from the usability of the book.

The code samples which are printed in all-black are perfectly readable. The new color-coded code samples, however, appear to be anti-aliased screen captures, which simply doesn't look good on a printed page. The notes and illustrations which relate to the code suffer from the same anti-aliasing problem. I would really recommend finding a workaround for this for future printings. It just doesn't look professional.

In addition, some of the screenshots appear to suffer from odd resizing artifacts. (For example, compare Figure 8-8c to Figure 8-8d.) I don't know whether this is a registration problem. As another example, in my copy of the book, the title bar in Figure 12-15 is fairly readable, but the title bar in Figure 12-16 is very blurred.

Again, this book looks like a big improvement, and I look forward to going through it more thoroughly.