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Default Foreign key not updating with Primary key

I have created a database with about 15 tables. They are divided: 8 for consumer information (and they all work as expected); 5 for retailer information and 2 for problem resolution (they don't work as expected. The problem is they don't create the child record when a new parent record is created. When I create a new record in retailer I get the new record, but in retailer address it does not create new record unless I type in the retailer primary key number - this is the same problem with phone number, email, etc. This happens with the problem resolution tables as well. The relationships are 1 to many from retailer table to retailer address, phone, email etc; with join type equal.

I created a main form that has the constant consumer information. On that form are tabs for each of the remaining tables in the database. Using the forms there I can see all data in the database. I can not create a new record after the retailer form is used to enter the name of the retailer.

I hope that I have not been to wordy. Any thoughts on correcting my problem is greatly appreciated. I sure would like to know if this is fixable or do I need to start over an build an entirely new database.

Thank you very much for any suggestions