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Default Script to print out database entries...

Hi guys

Im doing some work with a self evaluation form, where users fill in details which gets fed into the database. My client has now requested a way where they can select multiple entries from the database and print out a paper version of the form. Each entry would be displayed on a separate page and given back to each user for future reference. However rather than doing this page by page, entry by entry, they want a script that will do this automatically and just feed straight out of a printer! Apologies if this doesnt make much sense, im not entirely sure myself.

My question is, is this script do-able? Is it possible to structure all this information as a separate html document for each entry, and print it out without actually displaying it on screen?

Arghhh its confusing, not really sure where to begin! if anyone has heard of a script like that or done something similar in the past they would be a great help!

Cheers in advance, Will :)

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