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Default Membership Troubleshooting

Hello everyone,

to begin with for any Wrox people out there. Thank you for everything, your books are the best material I've ever read. :)
Taking the time to thank, since this was my first time posting on these forums, time to move on to my problem.

Using .NET 2.0 new login controls, along with the membership class, I am slowly coming to build a site of my own since I consider it a disgrace to work as a .NET developer, but not have a site of my own ! :)

My problem, is this though. I am using the CreateUserWizard control. I clearly state its property of 'LoginCreatedUser' to false and 'DisableCreatedUser' to true. The reason is, for me to use a custom email authentication that i've built. And then approve the user.

What appears to be the problem though, is that on my main page. I have a list of all online users. The user that just registered, appears as online even though the 'LoginCreatedUser' was set to false. Even worse, the user cannot access any 'authenticated' content. The problem carries on when I log on as a user, and then press log off. Even though I am prohibited from accessing any authentication-needed content, and my .IsAuthenticated property is set to false, whenever I retrieve the user instance using Membership.GetUsers(userName).IsOnline, it shows me to be online.

Why is this happening? Thank you in advance,