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Default wizard control

Hi All,

I originally posted

The link gives a background to the problem. Having not got anywhere I have gone back to basics and still no joy.......

After not getting very far resolving my recursion problem and needing to move the project forward. I have resorted to making the use of the Wizard simpler (so I thought).

I do not try to perform any recursion now and instead Just have my Next button taking me to the next Wizard step. Nice and simple you'd think and what could possibly go wrong. No canceling or stepping over steps.

On my original recursion page I placed another 9 sets of dropdown's so that the user can add upto 9 people to a project and so I dont attempt cancel now just continue through.

As soon as I press the next button again the wizard crashes in the browser with no events being fired. I'm simply going from wizardstep3 to wizardstep4.